General Rules

1. No Stallions allowed to be shown by Exhibitors.

2. Every exhibitor entered in the show will be assigned a number which should be plainly visible in all classes.

3. If there are less then three (3) entries in any class, it maybe combined with the next older class. Age groups to be judged separately.

4. Rider shall be appropriately attired.

Western classes: Riders should be attired in western clothes-long sleeve shirt, hat and western boots. Helmets may be worn in the western classes. Chaps, lariat and hobbles are optional. Western bit is required.
English classes: Riders should be attired in either hunt seat or saddle seat attire.

5. No running martingales in English classes.

6. Age groupings: Classes follow the 4-H age groups.

Junior: Through Fifth grade
Intermediate: Sixth through eighth grade
Senior: Ninth through twelfth grade
Exception: This show is open to youth under the age of eight (8) years old. Anyone who is under eight years old will be included in the junior classes. Class is determined by the school year just completed.

7. Please ask for a gate hold, if one is needed, at least one class in advance.

8. Ribbons to eight (8) places and a $10.00 first place gift certificate will be awarded for each class.

9. Trophies are awarded for the high point exhibitor in each age category. Points are awarded in the following classes:

English equitation
Western equitation
Overall high point trophies are also awarded in each category. Ride-offs will be announced at the July show. You must ride in both shows to be considered for these awards.

10. Trophies for each age class will be awarded at the July show. Overall high point trophies will be awarded at the Posse Sunday night show during the Kittitas county fair and the Ellensburg Rodeo.